Saturday, February 23, 2008

pushing ahead

My bachelor week of popcorn-at-midnight and guiltily watching episodes of "My So-Called Life" is nearly up. J will arrive home tomorrow afternoon and although I will be thrilled to see him, this week was important and necessary for me. Without him (or my mom or any other support systems) around to coddle me, I made it through the wilderness (to quote, um, Madonna) and am facing the world with new strength and joy. I have dyed my hair a nice deep red again (a tribute to Angela Chase, for sure!), plucked my eyebrows, and am forging ahead with an arranging assignment I had given up on. It feels good to have the bit between my teeth again.

Oh, and that Barkerville job? I got it. Ha.

This is me just before the grey clouds broke and I started to feel better about the world and myself again. Note the grim mouth. It's considerably more relaxed today.

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Amanda said...

I'll risk soundly like Pollyanna and call out a "Yay for brighter days!"