Sunday, February 10, 2008

How music made AJ happy yesterday

Once upon a time (well, yesterday actually), AJ was feeling sad.

There were plenty of good reasons she should have been happy: she got to sleep in, her boyfriend was, as always, terribly sweet to her, and most importantly, she had a great job interview with a nice lady who runs the theatre company in Barkerville, which meant that she might have some real work in May.
But later that day, some hours after the wonderful job interview, AJ realized that her little red purse was lost.

And that it was not lurking in her messy apartment but had actually disappeared. On Friday night, you see, she had gotten a ride home with a bandmate after band practice. As the car approached her home, AJ opened up her little red purse to get her keys out. And then, as she got out of Noah's car holding her big green knapsack, the little red purse must have slipped to the ground, unnoticed. And the "ground" happened to be the street where AJ lived, which is not in the nicest neighbourhood in the world. All kinds of desperate people weave up and down this street and will take what they can get.
Anyway, it wasn't until the next day that AJ realized that all her ID: her SIN #, Care card, BCID, birth certificate and bank card were all gone, gone gone. And that made AJ cry. A lot. "I really don't need this shit right now," she wept, in what was frankly a pathetic crying jag brought on by the fact that she had only eaten a muffin that whole day so far. But even though she didn't need it, this shit had happened, and AJ had to file a lost property report with the po-lice, and cancel her bank card.
So AJ was feeling low, and low-energy as well. Even dinner with her delighful boyfriend and lovely friends Gord & Darrell didn't help. Even though it was lasagna, and AJ hadn't had pasta in ages because she is trying to lose weight. So she dragged herself to a Something About Reptiles gig, as they were opening for Blackberry Wood at Cafe Deux Soliels. She didn't really want to play music at all. But then a funny thing happened: AJ started playing her clarinet, and all her troubles disappeared! As if they had never been!

And she was so happy and so energized that she stayed and danced to Blackberry Wood (who are an awesome band you should try to see) and gabbed with her friends Ana Bon-Bon and Amelia, who are both really cool chicks, and she didn't even get drunk, which is a real bonus today as she doesn't have a hangover.
So, even though the little red purse is still AWOL, Alison feels that life can go on, and it was all thanks to music.
The End.

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