Saturday, August 11, 2007

waking up

I yanked myself out of bed a mere 3 minutes ago, having somehow woken myself up right at 8:30. It's almost like time travel when you've been miles away, immersed in a dream, and suddenly you're back in the so-called real world. Like your brain has traveled immense distances in less than a second. I still feel groggy but I'm determined to keep on waking early (for me) because the day is so much longer that way. Lotte taught me some good habits! Last night was my first one home in 20 days, so I slept like the dead.
10 minutes later, having woken up more fully: a funny thing I'll miss about Lotte- she was a great way to meet new people. I mean it, if I was single I'd have been walking the streets with her (even more than I was doing, I mean), trolling for hot guys. Because everyone has something to say to you when you have a little furry bundle on the end of a leash, wearing a big doggy smile with the delight of walking. My dad & June have met about 91% of their friends through the dogs. "She's like a goodwill ambassador," Jon remarked one day, and he was totally right. How sad it is that it takes a dog to let me make eye contact and smile at people on the street. But it's true.
Flying Folk gig today, the first in ages. At a fair in Burnaby, of all places. I'm firing up the camera as we speak- I'm going to record this for posterity!

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