Saturday, August 4, 2007

Night Market

Hungry for contact after spending too long with a needy, slightly depressed dog, I dragged Jon to the Richmond night market. I'd heard stories about the wonderful food there, and I was eager to try it... Well, the food was great, although 80 percent of it seemed to be varieties of meat-on-a-stick. But we also had: sticky rice, duck rolls, corn in a cup (yup. just what it sounds like.), mini gyoza on a stick, spring rolls... sated, we wandered the rest of the market, gaping at cheapcheap electronics, clothes for pets, Magic Bras (not made for my curvy Caucasian boobs!), LED lights of every sort, and, surprisingly, swords. Lots of swords. "It's basically the same 5 booths, multiplied over & over," I remarked to Jon. And that was true. But it was fun to finally check it out, although I think once might be enough.

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