Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Wow. I was Little Miss Droopy-Drawers yesterday, wasn't I?

Well, the Evil Decongestants (let's blame the drugs) have exited my system, so I'm torturing my body with a 1-week cleanse instead! J & I are willingly depriving ourselves of cheese, chocolate, salt, sweet things, chocolate, fried stuff, wheat, refined and processed stuff, chocolate, alcohol, and did I mention chocolate? At least we're in it together. I actually love eating all this healthy, tasty (and it can be tasty, honest) food, but we both find it really hard to actually fill up on this cleanse. You're just hungry more. And a little bit headachey for the first few days. And filled with violent cravings. I remember the first time I did this cleanse (it's called Recleanse, & you can buy it at healthy grocers) I went to see a movie and by the end of it I would have chewed off my own arm if it meant I could then buy a tub of greasy popcorn. But I really need to get a handle on my weight and health, so here goes...

Although I was pretty moody & restless yesterday, I was healed by a nice visit with my mom, some great sex (I knew I kept J around for a reason!) and a surprise call from our lovely friends Sean & Michelle who were in town with their little girl. So instead of cleaning up the debris from our recent road trip, we headed over to Coquitlam and played music, sat around, talked... it's so comforting to know that even as we age and change, even as some of us marry, have kids- we can still find a true connection with each other. J & I don't have legions of friends- we're not super-schmmoozy like some people we know, but I am glad that our closest friends have been around for a long time. We could definitely work on being more social than we are, but the friends we do have are golden.

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