Monday, July 16, 2007

the universe is always listening...

So here's the thing: I had a mini-meltdown the other day after we got back from our camping trip because my bank balance had fallen low. Don't know why I expected otherwise; you always think a camping trip will be a low-cost experience, but what with food, canoe rentals and various other supplies it inevitably adds up. So I sez to the Boyfriend: Aaaargh! Need a job NOW! And the universe listened: today I got a call from James at Tanglewood Books asking if I would like to do some part-time on-call work, AND a call from my friend Jimmy asking if I would look after his dog Lotte for a couple of weeks. Neither will pay any spectacular amounts of $$$, but they will help quite a bit. Isn't that amazing? The timing is spooky.
Here are some pix I took as I lurked outside the Vancouver Folk Music Festival this weekend. It now costs FIFTY STINKIN' BUCKS for an evening-only ticket (gulp), so I stayed resolutely outside the fence and heard (and saw) most everything I wanted to anyway. Thanks again, gods of wishful thinking, for helping me out on the job front.

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