Thursday, July 19, 2007

R.I.P. Summer

Yes, summer has flown the coop yet again, leaving us with more rain and grey skies. I am not opposed to rain in the summer, especially in these global-warming, forest fire times, but I think a nice fierce night storm or one day a week is perfectly sufficient, thanks. I am especially keen to have summer back because next week I am
  1. dog-sitting, and
  2. going to friend Gord's cabin in Logan Lake.
Gord's family cabin is reputed to have
  1. no trees, due to pine beetle infestation, and
  2. a lake you can't swim in, due to Beaver Fever and weeds.
Sounds like a merry hell to me, who thinks the only reason you should camp is to swim, so you can see why at least a little sun would be nice.

Jon-boy & I are back on the late-to-bed-even-later-to-rise kick again. It's almost 11:30 and there's no sign of him this fine morning. But he is excused because he did make us a lovely risotto and baked chicken dinner last night. I don't feel too guilty, because I know Lotte the dog will wake me around 7am starting next week. She sleeps on the bed right near you, waiting for the thunderous creak of an opening eyeball, and after she hears it, she will never allow you more rest. Just thinking about it makes me sleepy again.

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