Friday, July 13, 2007

out of the city

Out of the city I relax, even in the searing heat. A guest at Dad & June's place in Kelowna or a canoe camper on Alouette Lake, I am free of this sweltering apartment, phone messages saying callmecallmecallme, even this time-sucking computer.
I packed a lot into this week, travelling to Kelowna last Thursday for a few days, then bussing back Monday, stocking up on food and supplies Tuesday and leaving for a couple nights' camping on Alouette Lake Wednesday morning. My arms are sore from paddling, my boyfriend keeps telling me to take a shower because I'm still camp-grubby but I don't want to wash it off me just yet because then it'll be truly over.
Some highlights: tubing on the canal in Penticton with Malcolm & Naomi; hearing the results of June's latest cancer test results- no new developments! Maybe the alternative treatments are actually working to slow the cancer down; watching Quizzie the poodle watch "The Dog Whisperer" on tv, absolutely riveted; our gorgeous 3-hour paddle to the Best Campsite on the Lake, hands down, with hardly any other people around; playing with glowsticks (never camp without 'em) whilst on mushrooms (never camp without THOSE, either!), freshwater swimming in the heat of the day, getting rescued by powerboaters today as the lake became too dangerous to paddle on , then the weather suddenly clearing up the moment we were safe in their boat (thanks, Chad & Dana!).
I'll let these pictures do the talking- oh, happy summer!

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