Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm getting hooked on reading other people's blogs; it's best done in the morning before The Boyfriend rises, so he can't say "and WHO is this you're reading about?" Yeah, it's kinda like porn- I read them guiltily, in private, because most of them are... MOM BLOGS. Yep, I'm hooked on the lives of complete strangers as they struggle to raise their assorted brats- do you think I may have some not-so-subconscious motherhood longings? Not even gonna GO there right now, it's too early (only 11:30am).
One thing I do notice is how many blogs are much fancier than mine own, which is not for lack of trying on my part. Including other Blogspot ones, so I know I must be doing something wrong. Must investigate this template thing further. I secretly blame it on having a Mac, because I also can't write in italics or bold by pressing CTRL I, like I should be able to. Anyone have any insights on this?
Also noticed that so far, only ONE person has left a comment, which is a bummer. When I started this blog I didn't care if anyone read it, it was just like a diary except I could post photos as well. But now I long for fame, or at least some readers. A couple weeks ago I got an email informing me that SOMEONE had left a comment about my latest blog entry! I was thrilled! Checked it out right away... it was in Spanish, which I do not understand. Now, I am pleased if my blog has a far-flung Spanish readership (which it probably doesn't). But if you write English, for the love o' god, drop me a line- I want to know if anyone's reading this damn thing!
Ok, rant over.
BTW, my day back at Tanglewood Books was long and fairly dull, but it was nice to catch up with my old boss and to sit around reading all day and get paid for it.

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