Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So yeah, I'm kind of missing Winnipeg. Which may not be a sentence you hear much in Canada during the winter. I'm not doing all that much and yet everyday some money flies away and there's not any coming in (except for my Climate Action tax credit- thank you Revenue Canada!) and that makes a girl worry, a little bit. Maybe it's also because the boyfriend got us a giant flatscreen TV, which I'd been grimly fighting against for years, only to discover that we can has Netflix now and I'm in danger of turning into a drooling couch potato. (We watched 13 episodes of 'Mad Men' in something like 2 days. Maybe three.)
I won't lie: it is hard to know that you were arbitrarily replaced by Management because they wanted more local talent in their show and you spend the whole month knowing that because of this whim, someone else is doing your job with your friends and earning your money. I'm kind of mad, but not at my replacement, because I've met her and she seems really sweet and (I know this is mean, but-) she's not as good as I was. But I miss my friends and the sense of purpose you have when you're working. Definitely this is one of the downsides of a career like mine.
Okay, but... yesterday J and I got it right. There was sleeping in, and breakfast together, and a nice walk down the Drive, and best of all... dinner. Which was (drumroll please) mushroom & feta-stuffed ravioli with a lovely pesto sauce washed down with a bottle of red wine.

Doesn't this look amazing? And it was made from scratch, ladies and gents. Applause please.

Even better, there was laughter and conversation with the dinner. And instead of sluggishly watching TV for hours we picked one interesting move (Jules & Jim, anyone? French New Wave classic or just kind of weird? Discuss.) And so to bed.

Today I'm meeting an old friend to reconnect after many years. And in one of the upsides to a career like mine, I have free tickets to a bunch of plays coming up, which should get me away from the TV for a while.
Am I missing Winnipeg? Maybe, but there's enough happening here to keep me happy. Now if I could just find an interesting job...

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