Saturday, January 1, 2011

Okay, so I bailed on the whole Reverb 10 thing. I was enjoying it, but then there was an epic cast party that lasted until after 4am, and the next day was Christmas Eve, and then Christmas Day was upon us, and... well, you get the idea. It's like someone blindfolded me and bundled me in the Christmas Truck and we bumped along so fast that I was just saying hey guys, it's okay, I like this but can we slow down a little? when it all ended and here I am on New Year's Day in a clean and newly de-Christmassed apartment. Wondering where it all went.
It's always a sad day for me when I have to take down the decorations. Compounded this year by the fact that we had a real tree. I actually thanked it before I broke it in two and stuffed it into a garbage bag. It's lying next to me on the floor, rather like a body. It has to be disguised because we're not actually allowed to have Christmas trees in our place and I don't want to get evicted.
How was Christmas for you, anyway? Mine was fast, as I said, but fun. Too much drinking and rich food, of course. A few extra pounds on the old frame and not enough (not any, actually) trips to the gym. Lots of family and friends and a gig and the closing of my show.
Today it's sunny, and if the sun is still out tomorrow I'm going to get into the mountains and try snowshoeing for a few hours. The cards and lights may be gone, but tonight we visit friends for one more meal out, and my new fave cookies are chilling in the fridge so I can bake them up in a few hours. I can almost hear them whispering to me: A whole new year awaits; hang on to good friends and excellent cookies when you get the chance.

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