Friday, January 14, 2011


I try to avoid making profound statements over on Facebook; hell, I try to avoid getting too wrapped up in the whole Facebook thing at all, especially now I've seen The Social Network. But on New Year's Day, only mildly hungover, I wrote something like This year I will be: kinder. happier. friendly. fearless.
Fearless is not necessarily about taking giant risks, although it can be. For me, this year, being fearless means getting out of the ruts that keep me confined. It could mean selling myself a little harder so I get that job. Or believing in myself enough to keep going back to the gym.
I just came back from the cold prairies, where I practiced fearlessness in little ways that were nevertheless really rewarding. I got outside, even though it was cold and dry. I walked miles every day; I skated on the Red River, where the city and the sky made a beautiful backdrop. I made an effort to see new friends, people I don't know all that well who were flatteringly happy to see me. And I spent time getting to know an old friend better, all because I had the courage to say let's get together.
I know these things probably seem so small and easy, but even little things can take effort, if they're things you're not used to doing. I'm going to try and do a few things every week that are outside my comfort zone, and if they're interesting, I'll write about them here.
How will YOU be fearless in 2011?

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