Thursday, November 22, 2007

Missing...5 pounds

I must have misplaced them somewhere. I mean, there's no way in hell that eating any & every carb, sugar and deep-fried thing that comes my way and whining "but I'm siiiiiick" to justify it, and avoiding the gym entirely due to the fact that I cannot catch my breath sitting right now, let alone exercising, has caused me to...lose weight. Maybe hacking up a lung every five minutes is a real calorie-burner. But, just in case you do find them, please don't return them to me. I don't want those 5lbs back, at all.
In other news, I had one of those awful dreams where you wake up sobbing your heart out and generally feeling horrible. In it, I was at the passport office to pick up my passport... but they'd screwed up and there was no passport to be had. I woke up realizing that no matter how anxious I am about traveling, I really do want to be in Istanbul next week. Luckily, reality was kinder than my dreams, and Passport Canada came through for me. I just hope my billets in Turkey like the sound of coughing, because this bronchitis is not. getting. better. I went back to the clinic today to see why, on day 4 of taking these so-called powerful antibiotics I felt no improvement. Turns out that my internet research wasn't so far off after all- most cases of bronchitis are caused by viruses and antibiotics can't touch 'em! So I wasted $66 on drugs that have no use to me, oh, but if I want to spend another $100 I haven't got, I can have a puffer full of steroids to ease my breathing, although it won't cure anything. Screw that.

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