Sunday, November 11, 2007

it's over...?

I can't quite believe it. It always takes a day or two for the truth to sink in: the show is over, no more rehearsal, stress, tears, laughter, bonding...
My contract began not even 2 months ago, hard as that is to believe. The cast has been working together for a year on this project and now it's done. I have so many hopes and wishes for them and I am only the stage manager. What must be going through the heads of their director, their social worker, the assistant directors, who have steered them through this process for months and months?
I have learned so much. Tonight I wrote down all the tips and rules I have learned about stage management so I'd remember them for next time, if there is one. I have learned about responsibility, about assertiveness, about organization. It's been one of the hardest weeks of my life and I'm sad it's over.
Dakota: I hope you can get through high school without being bullied any more.
Roberto: I hope you can rise above your family difficulties and become self-assured and dashing, as you could be.
Herb: I wish you control over your anger; I hope you channel some of that intensity into something positive and don't waste your life in construction work.
Natalie: I love it when you get excited about something and just glow. I hope you can transcend your family problems to grow into a wonderful young woman.
Pinky: You are older than the rest of them- don't get bogged down in a soul-sucking job and waste your life.
Karine: You have so much raw talent. I wish you stardom and success, but more importantly, the maturity to deal with it.
Michael: You work so hard and with so much intensity it's unreal. Now learn to let go and just feel some things!
It's 1:45am. Time to hit the sack.

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