Monday, November 19, 2007

Every breath you take.

I consider myself a healthy person, all told. Which is why it is so galling to have to rest this week, with every breath a struggle against coughing, phlegm rumbling as I exhale, smelling oh-so-sexily of Eucalyptus oil, bundled up in my pj's half the day. Most of us take breathing for granted...well let me tell you, you should thank your lucky stars if you can inhale without a fight. It is so, so annoying to be sick! I caved today and got myself to a walk-in clinic right after class, where the good doctor poo-pooed my internet research and told me that most bronchitis infections were caused by bacteria and a good dose of medium-potency antibiotics would clear me right up. Homeopathy be damned- I'm back on hard drugs! Let's see... that was over $50 for the good ol' "natural" remedies, plus another $66 for the Biaxin... This is money I can ill afford to spend, people. I have less than $200 in the bank right now. I'm scared about that, really scared. If I didn't have this wonderful trip coming up I'd probably be in the depths of despair. I need work , fast, or no one's getting anything for Christmas!
Wheeze, bubble, hack.

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