Monday, June 18, 2007

This picture really captures the fun and spontaneous-ness of the Runaway Moon Theatre Peony Tea, which I attended gladly last weekend. It was a chance to see the closing night of "Sparrows", which ended last Saturday, and then go to the Tea, which is a fund-raiser for RM, and then on to Kelowna to see Dad & June again. It was great to see the show 2 last times- it had really smoothed out and gotten comfortable (but not complacent). The Peony Tea was a chance to hang out with Sarah R and Tom Jones, eat waaaay too many baked goods, listen to some fun live music, and revel in the rows of white and pink Peonies, which you are allowed to pick, for a small donation.
It was odd to back in Kelowna so soon after my last visit. I was mainly there as a general companion to June, as well as cook, cleaner and dogwalker. As if they knew (and they probably do) that June was too weak to walk them, the dogs were very happy to go with me, whereas in the past Monty especially has been kind of sucky about leaving "mom" and "dad" behind if I am the only "walker". June was hanging in bravely, but her strength has diminished and that was scary to see. However, she is now at her 2-week clinic near Rock Creek and we are all just hoping that they can give her some strength and energy back. If she has to have chemo, and that seems as if it may be the case if she wants to live more than 6 months, then she HAS to get some meat on her bones and some energy! June is being very open and honest about her hopes, and of course, her great fears. She is doing her best to strengthen her mind with meditation but of course the fear creeps in all the time. That's why she needs lots of company. Had a great dinner with my dad the last night I was there where we killed a bottle of wine and opened up a bit- being very stiff and British it's hard for him to do that. Hard for me, too. We also had a great photo expedition to Myra Canyon my last day there- walked through a film set and came face-to-face with Sam Neil! Watch for a movie called "Iron Road"- it's about the Chinese labourers on the railroad and Peter O'Toole is in it (along with Mr. Neil). Both Dad & I were too polite to ask the crew if we could take pictures of the set, so all I have are landscape shots of the stunning canyon and the trestles, which is plenty.

Now I'm home, sleeping in too late, learning about digital photography, cooking good meals... got to get into some kinda routine though, or the summer'll be gone before I know it, pissed away bit by bit. Got to get back on the health routine too. Damn, it sucks to have to watch everything I eat...but then I could have to do it for much worse reasons, like cancer. So I won't complain too much.

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