Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jobless- and life's great!

There is so much time! And I am learning how to use it; today I finished stripping and oiling an oak coffee table I picked up for 45 bucks at a secondhand store on The Drive. It was sad and unfinished-looking in the shop: someone had stripped the top haphazardly and left the legs covered in a dark finish so it looked like 2 different tables had been glommed together. Today it is stripped and sanded back to its intended colour, oiled with orange oil within an inch of its life so it glows a gorgous honey-brown. (I can't believe I didn't take before-and-after shots.) I thought it would take DAYS but with mom's help it is done a mere 24 hours after it first arrived at her place! Now it sits in our living room. Life without a job: I am walking, exercising, reading, photgraphing, pottering with new things... how will I ever go back to work again? This morning I sat at mom's table laughing and eating with her and our friend Ann and thought: Life is great. And the weather has finally agreed and sun shone down on the Drive today as mom & I walked the length of it twice. Tomorrow I will go on a photgathering expedition if the weather's still good.
I'm not gloating about my new-found freedom-well, not TOO much. It's just that I'm finding time to appreciate the small things in life right now: friends, hobbies, family. And that feels great.

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