Sunday, June 24, 2007


Pounding rain/hail propelled me from bed (ok, couch actually) at 8:30 today. Now it is a gentle mist, steady but light, but half and hour ago... I was aghast because my balcony has a few new inhabitants that might be damaged by such forceful rains: plants my Mom and I carried home yesterday when it briefly seemed as if summer MIGHT make a comeback. A rock rose (named Rocky of course) from the Farmers' Market was first, followed by a walk down the Drive to find a Kalanchoe, Lobelia, Anemones, Verbena, and best of all, a little Jasmine plant that will hopefully open its tight little buds soon and drench us in perfumery. The cost: around 50 bucks for living green things that will hopefully make us happy to use the balcony all summer long. Much better than buying clothes with same 50 bucks.
I am almost getting angry with Mama Nature today: Here I am, Lady, with all this free time, longing to be outdoors, and even the few sunny days you've given us this month have been grudging ones, shadowed by clouds. When I was inside, sweating in a mosquito-ridden barn you gave us nothing but sun; now I'm sitting at my keyboard wearing sweats, long-sleeved t-shirt, "Where in the hell is Grindrod?" sweatshirt- cocooning against this shitty weather. I'm thankful that my city is still green. I know we need water to get us through the summer. But I'd like some sunny days now, please. Thank you.

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