Friday, June 22, 2007


This has been the laziest day EVER! Getting up at 10, eating a bacon buttie (if you don't know what that is then you don't have English parents), liking it so much we ate another one, with eggs this time, then staring at the computer screen all day. J is sitting in the armchair staring at his computer while I peck away at the keys over at the desktop. It's now well after 5, and all I can say in our defense is that it's not so great outside so why leave the comforts of home? Oh, and I DID practice my jazz improvisation with this nifty book I picked up from somewhere AND kept the kitchen clean through all the bacon-frying. Although it smells like a greasy spoon in here. I've just been checking out some of my fave blogs- I have a couple bookmarked and it feels delightfully like being a voyeur, especially when I don't know the people at all. Funnily, the 3 I have bookmarked (people I DO know) are all blogs to do with parenting. It feels so random to read sites dedicated to teething and sleeping problems and baby-love while I sit so aimlessly at my computer, totally free of all cares right now, even free of work for the time being.
I MUST enforce some kind of schedule on myself this summer or it will all drift away in a pleasant but slightly unhealthy state. Doing too much nothing always feels unhealthy to me, like bingeing on choc bars or waking up with a hangover. J starts another week of work at the Playhouse tomorrow and I will attempt to get up early with him so I can get more done in the days and go to bed earlier at nights. More gym, less bacon, more sleep, less sleeping in, more music practice, less web-surfing. Let's see how well I do...

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