Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's been too long since I fired up my camera for anything more meaningful than the odd self-portrait/Facebook profile shot. My little camera makes my eyes look impossibly green, although when I look in the mirror more often than not they look blue to me. My face sometimes looks older than I expect, although not as old as I actually am. I don't smile because it crinkles up my best feature (eyes) and shows up my less pretty one (mouth). So I shoot for dreamy and mysterious, but often end up looking slightly fed up, even when I'm not.
I wish I'd taken pictures this week though, because this is the kind of post that really needs a shot to back it up.
I spent the week hanging out with a dear friend and getting to know another one better. It was raining, that really hard Vancouver rain that we turn on in the winter to scare the tourists away. She was in town to get her eyes fixed anyway, not to gallivant. So we did a lot of driving in the rain. Walking in the rain. Swearing about the rain. And then today's wind blasted all the clouds away and the mountains said see, we live here too and the waves danced and seagulls rode updrafts past the top-floor window of the fabulous West End apartment we were lucky enough to be in this afternoon.
We did a lot of relaxing too, the three of us. Eye surgery and a cold and bad weather led to divine laziness. (Guys, it's all true!!! When you're not around we spoon each other and give great scalp massages and lie on the living room futon snuggling and talking about sex and boys and all the other important and confusing things in life! Just like in your fantasies, except without the full-on nudity and unconvincing moaning!) My girlfriends all have a sad tendency to live or move miles away from me; now I know that I need to schedule more girl-time, by hook or by crook.
Here's the shot I took on my iPod and am totally unable, for reasons that are too boring to go into, to email to myself:
Three sensibly-clad feet on rainy pavement, posed on a tile that spells out the name of our tiny Goldrush town in the Cariboo. Two of us wanted to show the Vancouver newbie one of the best views in town, but it was so rainy and cold that we snapped a couple of pictures and retreated to a warm house, armed with steaming bowls of beef Pho soup. I ate more Pho this week than I have in a lifetime. I am now in love with Pho. I could eat it every day for a month and still come back for more.
My bank account is dangerously low. I need to jog all the Pho (and chocolate; girls eat a lot of chocolate) and salty snacks out of my system. But I wouldn't have traded this week for anything.


hunter said...

On a pho note:

I always wanted to partake of this fabled soup, comfort to the drunk, or the hungover (what an all purpose soup!) But I don't eat beef...I don't know how "bad" pho is for you but there are some insanely tasty vegan options on the loose in town lately, which may be better for you because of the volume of veggies, even while perhaps perverting the original idea a little bit.
You get massive servings of vegetables in the soups at Chau veggie express, on Victoria at 35th. Hanoi Pho on east Hastings looks shady but it has tasty veg options and the man who runs it is super smiley.

AJ said...

Oh thank you! I love the beefy version but would love to try a veggie option instead. The last pho I had left an oil slick on my kitchen table, so I'm thinking it's probably not too good for you...