Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy 50th, WISE Hall!

...because it's not every day a local institution turns 50. Ok, I haven't been to the WISE Hall in ages. But it was a venue that supported the Flying Folk Army, and was the site of many a fine party. So I was more than happy to show up for its 50th anniversary. And take a few pics while I was there. Including this one of me: (I look more like my dad every day)I have a very funky camera strap en route from Chicago, courtesy of Souldier Straps. Can't wait. I've been really digging the photography thing in the last few weeks. Don't know where, if anywhere, it'll lead, but it's super fun.
Jon and I also had a blast at the East Side Culture Crawl today. 300-plus galleries to browse around- all near our neighbourhood! We ran out of steam long before we'd seen even a fraction of the art that was on display. Some days, this is the best 'hood in the world, and this was one of those days.

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