Saturday, October 20, 2007

at home, putting off studying by blogging.

Sometimes bliss is just having the place to yourself and lazing around at not-even-7pm in your pj's!
I put in 5 hours at the patch today, and then took the bus to a training session for the Standardized Patient Program (a really good little moneymaker if you have a flexible schedule, BTW). Now I'm done, and much as I would like to join J in hanging out with some friends this evening, I have to buckle down and get some homework done- see, I can be responsible and have good study habits!
I actually feel sparkly and fun tonight, so it was a bit of a sacrifice to stay in; some nights it's all I want to do. I feel like doing some mad flirting, or going dancing, or... but no. Tonight I have a date with Jazz Theory and Arranging. I'm sure we'll have a lovely time. No, really.
I realized that I haven't said anything here for a long time regarding my stepmom and her cancer. She called me early this week and the old spark was back in her voice, the first time I'd heard that in a long time. She and my dad had been to see a First Nations healer, a woman that J and I met back in May when I was working in the Okanagan. We were drawn to her because of a sign promising Buffalo burgers, but she told us a little about her healing powers as we chomped her amazing organic buffalo. Enough to get me to take her number and pass it on to June a while later. Well, she got into this other alternative stuff and I figured that was that, but they finally went. And loved it. June said she was sure that this woman had done a lot of good, and they're going back this coming week. The thing I liked about this lady was that she was very no-nonsense and grounded, a very strong lady. And she hardly charges anything at all for her healing work. That sounds cheap of me, but the thing is that June has been paying and paying to go to this other clinic- even if it heals her she'll have no money left! Whereas this woman only charges the bare minimum, which seems much more honest to me. I have no idea if any of this will work, but to hear the energy back in June's voice was fabulous.

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