Friday, January 10, 2014


2014 began with a night of playing clarinet with some friends at a local bar, followed by a day of snowshoeing in a ridiculously tiny amount of snow- thanks, Climate Change!- along with hiking and a movie. I couldn't have asked for a better, more healthy and low-key way to start the Year of the Horse. Honestly, every New Year's Day that I don't wake up
a) feeling cheated, as if everyone else in the world had a far,far better time last night than I did, or
b) face-down in my own vomit*
is a good one. But this was one of the best. No hangover, no disappointment, only music and fun.
"Where's the snow?" You might well ask.
The first ten days of 2014 have been a bit like bodysurfing: act unaware, and a wave might slam you into the beach; but with a bit of practice you can turn around and punch through the wave to calmer waters, or get really cheeky and surf on top of the water until you glide all the way to shore.
Employers tell you they'd really like it if you got back to the weight you were at two years ago? Ouch, slam. Using that as the final push to really start changing fundamental things about your diet and fitness: surf! Revenue Canada wants all the money you don't have, plus the money you DO have, plus oh, maybe... your soul? Slam. Meeting with people who can help you get through this and learn to manage your finances better? Treading water. Work is harder to find than hens' teeth? Slam. The government- the same one that wants All The Money- wants to give you money so you can take courses which will supposedly make you better at your summer job? Whoosh!

The government in their wisdom has granted me a nice lump sum of money to take courses with over the next few months. So far I'm signed up for Occupational First Aid (mainly because I thought it would be empowering and useful, and because it was far too expensive for me to even think of signing up for without funding) and Playwriting (because the Government nixed Dance or Music- both of which are far more applicable to what I actually do at my summer job- but apparently thought writing was peachy.) The ways of the government are mysterious and somewhat foolish, but I am certainly not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I am still figuring out how to use the last bit of funding. I'm pushing for German (useful, because of all the German and Swiss tourists we get at my summer job) and-why not?- a course called "Fight Like Sherlock Holmes", which is a four-day Victorian-era combat class. If the government okays that one I will eat my hat, but I will also be fucking delighted.

Here's to starting this year off with the strength to beat those rogue waves and the curiosity to see where the current will carry you.

This actually happened once. To be fair, I was in my twenties at the time, which is when these things are supposed to happen. 

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