Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I'm a little bit sweaty right now. But it's cold(ish), and I'm at home alone so at least I'm not offending anyone with it. Why am I sweaty? I just had my first tap class tonight and it was so fun I called a friend right away just to coo about how great it made me feel. (She's also my boss at my summer job, and a life-long tapper herself, so I knew she'd be delighted for several reasons that I finally took my first dance class.)

Did I mention that the government approved all my course choices? Remember how I said I'd be fucking gobsmacked delighted if they said yes to my request to take tap classes and a Victorian combat class called "Fight Like Sherlock Holmes"? Well, they did. Thank you, Targeted Skills Shortage Program. I bet I can safely say that I am the ONLY person in the province who got money from this program to learn to fight someone with an umbrella. Or shuffle off to Buffalo. I am beyond astonished.

It's so lucky I got to do this class today, because The Tonsils From Hell have deflated (almost) back to normal size so I was back in fighting form. Well actually I was feeling really tired and sad most of the day, probably due to last of the illness and also because I had to deal with some stuff this morning that was a bit depressing. So after I came home from the morning stuff and did my grocery shopping I made a nest on the couch and crocheted and listened to music and continued writing a song that I started last night. It wasn't a super-productive day but I kind of needed to nest a little bit. Then I dragged myself to the tap class and darn it if I didn't feel 100% perkier after it, even though it was nine o'clock by then.

You know how sometimes I try to wrap up my posts with a bit of a summary, a way of tying it all up? Well here's what I've learned this week, through my tap lesson and other events:

  • Exercise is good. I already knew this, and have been exploring new ways to get fit, since I can't run these days. Those endorphins kick in and you feel terrific, even if you crash later. Swimming, for example, makes me feel incredible. It also makes me want to nap in the afternoons like a toddler. 
  • Even if you are taking an Absolute Beginner tap class, you will sweat. And your face will get red and you will really wish you'd brought water. And your legs will hurt the next day. (I don't know this for sure yet, but I'm betting. Ask me in a few hours.) 
  • My absolute favourite kind of day involves some kind of exercise, followed by great food, music, and the company of at least one excellent friend. Which means that tomorrow should be just about perfect, because all of those things are lined up.
  • Being sick for a week allowed me to indulge in a lot of laziness but hey, at least I ate really healthily (when I ate at all, because swallowing was hell), read some great books, watched waaaay too much "Felicity" (judge me who dares!)  and my crocheting is coming along nicely I'm getting better at crafts  I worked hard to improve myself in certain areas. 
  • I know some of my crafty friends would disapprove, but every time I say or write something about crocheting I just feel like a crazy single cat lady. Although I saw this cool hipster chick doing it on the bus yesterday and felt strangely validated. Which is shallow. 
  • Sometimes trying to sum up blog entries is pointless: I had a tap class. It was fun. It made me feel better about my life again. As you were, ladies and gents. 

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David Jenkins said...

It's great how a new thing can revitalize us. Hope you're feeling better both physically and emotionally