Friday, December 6, 2013

Things I Like About Being Back in Canada:

  1. Not being on a plane anymore: Think about it. We cram ourselves into a tube that's loaded with highly flammable fuel and roar through the sky tens of thousands of feet above the earth. And we pretend that it's totally normal, no worries, nothing to see here. I love travelling. But I can't forget that the "getting there" part is fraught with dangers. You just have to look around at people's faces when the plane hits turbulence to know that everyone's aware of their mortality in that narrow metal tube. 
  2. Snuggling into a nice warm bed: I liked the tropical heat of Hawaii, but sleeping in a bed that was gritty with beach sand and having to kick the sheets off because I was sweating? Not so fun. I like to bury myself with blankets when I sleep. And cuddle up to my teddy bear, who would have been banned in Hawaii because he's too furry. (And no, that's not a euphemism; I really DO sleep with a big teddy at the moment.)
  3. Being IN my own bed: My saintly mother met me at the airport at dawn today, and was going to drive my straight to the ferry so I could get to my next job right away. As soon as I stepped off the plane I realized that I was just too exhausted to make that happen. Luckily my music director was cool with me coming tomorrow instead, so I had today to unpack, get myself in order for the next trip and... relax. After 9 days of swimming, biking, paddling and exploring, I needed a holiday from my holiday!
  4. No giant centipedes! Really, does this even need an explanation? In the tropics, everything is outsized: the trees, the flowers... and the insects. I was brushing my teeth one night when a monster centipede scuttled into the bathroom. Muffling a scream, I then watched it make a beeline for my bedroom. I spent over 30 minutes sitting gingerly on my bed, freaking out, until I saw it leave. Then I stuffed towels under the door and slept... sort of. 
  5. Seeing my friends... although that's still a pipe dream until I get back to Vancouver for good, in just over a week. Until then, it's Facebook for me. I am so lucky when it comes to my friends; they seem to love me even though I'm not always around for them. 
Um, I think that's pretty much it. Otherwise I miss Hawaii, but I had a good long time there and now it feels like time to get working again. I breathe in the crystal, icy air (yup, I came home to a cold snap- great timing!) and although I'd like to get back to the tropics again, this is my northern home and I'm happy to be back. Mostly. At least I can stop jumping at the sight of real or imagined bugs for the time being. 

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