Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning

April's still-cold breath is clearing away the clouds these days and allowing brief glimpses of loveliness before The Grey makes a comeback. I finished school really early, had an evening rehearsal, and saw from my Facebook browsing that my summer workplace is now promoting our new lineup of cast and crew. (So strange, that I'm hearing details about my future job on social media. The world at large knew- before I did- who is new, who is returning, what we're doing... I had a strange conversation with a musician I just met tonight; as she gave me a lift home we were chatting and it transpired that her boyfriend was a drummer I knew. She mentioned that he had been attacked last year by neighbourhood thugs and I realized that I had heard about it months ago on- you guessed it- Facebook.)

But I digress. Reading the news about my summer job prompted me to go buy some stage makeup, so that I can pack up the vintage makeup case I bought last year and start getting ready to leave my nest once again.

Now I think I'm set for the summer: new makeup, new hairpiece... what else sneaked (snuck?) into my shopping bag, you ask?
I swear, I only bought it for the retro wrapper.

One of my roommates is in the hospital right now. His health issues are not public business, so I won't go into them here, but his absence has lit a fire under the rest of us (he's the really messy one), and we are Spring Cleaning! I came home to find the other old roomie and the new one actually getting rid of junk in the living room. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I joined in. Now the new roomie has a workspace for his electronic bagpipe-building (remind me to tell you about that sometime), and tonight after I finish writing this, I'm going to clean up my sitting room. When I leave next month, the bagpipe-player and his wife are subletting my room. Since I like them and I'll save money, I couldn't be happier.

Spring cleaning in the wind, in my apartment, and in my mind. 

I finish school tomorrow, barring the exams, which stretch out over the next 2 weeks. I'll be tidying, doing taxes, packing, taking a short trip, and doing the odd gig before I leave next month. Not to mention trying to squeeze in a few meetings with friends and family before I go. 

I never want to go. Not 'til I'm on the bus, watching now-familiar landmarks whisk by as I get closer and closer to my summer home. My city is always at its best just before I leave. New possibilities are all around me and then... But there are old friends to see up north, and new friends to be made every year, and amazing stories to be told, and ridiculous personal dramas the ups and downs of a life lived in 2 homes. 

April's cold breath is a new beginning, with all that entails. 

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