Thursday, April 4, 2013

Salad Rolls and Backsliding

Fortune showered us with balmy, sunshiney weather all the long weekend. It was sheer heaven. Then the grey skies came back, just in time for school. Know what else came back? Some very bad habits. Yes, the holiday weekend was just the lame excuse I needed to drink too much, eat bread, and start in with the sugar again. Sigh. Forgive me Lord, for I have been backsliding. Today I took control again. Sort of. I ate fruit, salads and nuts (good). I also ate some Red Velvet Loaf and a homemade icecream sundae (very, very bad).
Let us draw a veil over the whole sugary week and concentrate on the fact that I made salad rolls for dinner! From scratch!

Start with rice paper, which you can find in the Asian Foods aisle at any grocery store in Vancouver. Wet it in warmish water. Lay it on a flat surface and fill with veggies. (I chose beets, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, mint and cilantro.) You can add a protein, such as tofu, chicken or shrimp, but I kept it simple tonight. 
Roll up the wraps, then add another moistened sheet of rice paper and wrap that around the outside of your roll, to add strength. I am not too tidy at it yet, so my end results looked a bit like the Camberwell Carrot:
Vietnamese people would totally laugh at these.

So they didn't look perfect. So what? I dipped them in The Ginger People's Sweet Chili Sauce and declared them a TMP- Total Mouth Party. 

This cancels out ice cream- right?
Today I also had a really great workout (with my personal trainer! Haha!) and had coffee with some really lovely people. That, and the fact that school is so interesting and fun these days, has kept my spirits high on these grey days.
Now for the fortitude to get myself back on track in the eating department...

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