Friday, March 22, 2013

Out Like a Lion

March has decided- with a vengeance- to be lion-like this week, although as one of my friends said on Facebook, it's high time for it to, and I quote here: "lamb the hell up". Well said, Danette.
Seriously, it's epic, folks. Wind! Torrential Rain! More wind! Brilliant sunshine! Warmth! Cold! Actual freakin' snow this morning! How's a girl supposed to dress?
Vancouver in March is how I imagine life with a toddler to be: hours of excruciating annoyance punctuated by moments of sheer joy. Suddenly I love my neighbourhood again and I want to be outside all the time so I can photograph things like this:

This? This is why I live here.

But for every one of these days, which bring sunsets like this:

...there are still days of stultifying greyness. (Greyness not pictured here, as I never take my camera out on days like that. There should actually be no record of them, in my opinion.)
Yesterday? Was awesome. A short day at school with fun classes, followed by my first ever session with a personal trainer who is helping to whip me into some sort of shape (a smaller, thinner shape, hopefully) before I go away in a month and a half. I feel really, really pretentious saying that I have a personal trainer, sorry. Does it help if I explain that it's my friend Leslie, who as well as being a fitness maven is also a blues singer par excellence? And she's giving me a fantastic rate? And she trains people in her house, where your every move is avidly watched by two obese cats? Anyway, Leslie is great, and she worked with me for an hour yesterday and then, fuelled by some kind of endorphin madness from the exercise, I walked downtown in the spring sunshine and met my brother and sis-in-law for an evening of socializing which included 4 large and interesting cocktails. This is the life, I thought blearily as I lapped up Margarita number 2 in the sunny window of a Mexican restaurant with my kin. This is Spring in Vancouver! Truly I am blessed. 
And then I woke up this morning and dragged myself out of bed. I felt like I'd been hit by a fucking train decidedly less perky today. Muscles I didn't know I had were stiff and sore. I sucked miserably at a theory assignment, an assignment which had to be played in front of the entire class. I was so tired that I was teary all day. Classic case of overdoing it. 
Clearly, March felt that the sunshine and balminess of yesterday was overdoing it as well, because we had snow this morning. Although I have to say that things improved as the day wore on. Weather-wise, at least. My mood will only improve once I've had a very long sleep. And no more cocktails for at least a week. 
Water with lemon and rosemary. It's the new coffee!

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