Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh man, isn't "I should..." a daunting way to start a sentence?
I SHOULD be doing something constructive, like cleaning my apartment.
I SHOULD go outside and buy food to eat tonight.
I SHOULD stop staring at my computer screen all day.
I SHOULD spend some time with friends before I go away for five months.

Thing is, it's raining out there. AGAIN. Shopping for food means I have to get wet. I'm starting to feel a bit like a cat about getting wet because it has happened so much this winter. And I was supposed to see a friend today but she texted me to warn me that both her kids have colds and I was like no way. Sorry, but I've been sick for weeks, now. First I was just snotty and then I was getting better and then I was hammered by some kind of virus that left me feverish and achey and snotty and cough-y and I'm only just getting over that. I can't go to the gym because I'm still too tired and sick. So, no. Can't risk it.
I know, I know. Soon I'll be living in a locked, darkened room, never venturing outside (too many germs) and peeing into milk bottles whilst wearing kleenex boxes on my feet. But although it's still wet and cold out, things are actually looking up... See the following items for proof:

J and I are heading to Portland next weekend! On the train! We did this because a) it's not much of a holiday if J has to drive for hours and b) It's a train! Trains are awesome! I can't wait to step onto it (at 6:30 am, ouch) and plunk down into our Business Class seats and chillax for eight hours.

The Redboot Quartet played at The Blushing Frugal Bride's wedding last Friday night, which was lovely. Even though I was still pretty sick (and had had only 2 hours of sleep, thanks to the fact that I was looking after my brother's bed-hogging dog), I managed to have a great time. I danced for a while and I'm pretty sure I even laughed a lot. That may not sound like much, but after a couple weeks of illness-induced depression, where I was bursting into tears after doing simple tasks like grocery shopping, laughing feels really good.

Plus, I lost so much weight on the no-dairy, no-wheat no-fun diet (coupled with a few days of being too stuffed-up to taste anything and therefore not eating anything) that I was able to wear my extremely form-fitting blue Cheongsam dress with silver flowers, which I haven't been able to squeeze into for lo these many years. One may question why I was wearing a very Chinese dress to a Ukrainian-Irish wedding, but the answer is simple: because I COULD.

So you see: thinner, healthier happier, gigging, imminent travel... Life is actually pretty good. Just keep your viruses and your rain away from me. I'd like to laugh again sometime this year, 'kay?

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