Sunday, May 31, 2009

Slow Down.

So there I was, rockin' the running and the workouts, when...
A new shoe, worn too soon with bare feet, rubbed a great big hole in my left heel. No shoes with backs of any sort for a while.
A sore throat and general lassitude, together with our sudden heatwave has put a damper on the exercising for a while. I won't stop, though; I miss it way too much. But resting my sore foot and sleeping in again for a few days won't kill me, either.
My last contract is done, done, done! "Sparrows" closed yesterday afternoon, after a short but successful run at the Surrey Children's Festival. I'll really miss it, and the fact is that the rest of the summer (who am I kidding? The rest of my life, right now) is jobless, which is always scary. The downside of contract work. The upside is that it's only the end of May, but I already have this fabulous tan!

There are some wonderful things, though. We visited J's mother, who is, finally, properly on the mend from the heart surgery, and is a delight to behold: already thinner, fitter and more positive than I've ever seen her.
And although I'm usually the last person to know about, or enjoy, "indie rock", these guys caught my attention a few days ago and haven't let go. Honestly, go check out this video. It's the best summery, shimmery song I've heard in ages.

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