Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's been a busy week. I've been wanting to post more, but life got in the way. Which it should. After all, when a talk on costume design has your boyfriend researching this , you might be inspired to suddenly buy this Art Deco floor model General Electric radio:
And then you may just want to sit around and take in its awesome beauty all day. (Nope, it doesn't work, which is how we were able to afford it. But it has all its parts, so we might get it fixed at some point. Or it will be turned into a giant iPod player. Or just a great big lamp stand, which is what it is now.)

And who has time to blog when the weather is so warm and sunny that you're running every day? (About 10 pounds lost so far, folks. booyah.)

And when you're opening this show tomorrow morning, life gets interesting. And fun.

And then you're heading off to here for a quick visit, and then back to town for more shows... well, that would keep anyone from the computer!

*mother-in-law is healing nicely post-surgery and Boyfriend has been a superstar; looking after her, driving to rehearsals and shows, and staying overnight with Mom so that everyone has better peace of mind. What a guy.

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