Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the road again...

Leaving tomorrow for a 6-day tour of central BC with Zeellia. Then a 4-day turnaround at home and off to Wells/Barkerville for a three-week stint up North doing another Gold-Rush era show. Oy. This constant travel is getting a bit much. I'm all for living out of a bag for weeks at a time, but I've hardly been home for the last month! June (when I'll be home-sweet-home for a while... I think) is looking pretty sweet right about now. And oh, did I mention that it's still minus 10 in Wells? Mexico, how I miss ya!

Kelowna-Penticton-Nelson-Fernie-Kaslo here I come! Slavic soul music in some pretty funky towns in central BC...stay tuned. I'll be bringing my laptop along (if I can cram it in my bag), so I'll try and update from the road. Cheers.

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Jenny said...

When are you playing in Nelson A?
( I followed your link from More Chocolate chips...)
I would love to hear Zeellia!