Tuesday, September 4, 2007

school's in

Waking up early. Learning. Organizing. Keeping track of things. Being a good communicator. Listening. Focusing.
Ah god, where are the carefree days of summer? How did they fly away so fast?
I am alternately ready and not ready. To be challenged, to be learning new things, to have responsibilities again. There was a sweetness to being static, but there will be fire and fierceness this fall as I take these new steps: stage managing, school, school- I can't believe I'm going to school after so many years! Everything's crazy this week but I'll know soon what classes I have and how I'll weather part-time school and part-time stage managing. And the North Shore Community Band I'll be joining to improve my trumpet skills. Oh, and somewhere in there I need to revive my stagnant music career. And keep practicing the clarinet and accordion. And love & cherish my wonderful boyfriend. Help.

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