Sunday, December 9, 2012


Wow, so most of the time I think I have this invincible body but if the last little while has shown me anything, it's that things have a way of catching up with you eventually... and also that if your partner has a little kid, they're going to catch all kinds of bugs in school, and then HE will, and then YOU will!
But it's been kind of a sweet enforced rest period for the last few days for both of us: rest, eat, rest, watch movie, rest... I typed "reset" instead of "rest" there, and indeed that's what it feels like. Resetting. I feel very lucky that we both had a few days there to relax utterly and let this illness do its thing. I've read three James Bond books. Drank more lemon-and-honey than I thought possible. Had a lot of great conversations and listened to tons of music. So although my body is not so great, my spirit feels considerably better than it did last week.
Here's hoping the rest of the Christmas break is just as relaxing, but minus the flu symptoms.

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