Monday, March 12, 2012

I posted here last week and while I was at it, I did some spring cleaning. Do you like it? It's a bit rainy-looking, this new template, but then, so is my city, a great deal of the time, so I think it fits.
Last week's post may have been a trifle... mean-spirited. Let's just say it was an exorcism of sorts; a goodbye to some feelings that have occupied too much of my brain for too long. Enough.
This week, I want to celebrate the kindness and company of my lovely friends, without whom I would be so much less. And as I have been shockingly lazy with my camera lately, words will just have to do.
There are old folk-band friends, the laughter and jokes and musical shorthand we have together even after so many years since we last all played in the same room.
There are my singing-group buddies, who get together just for the love of hearing our voices in 6-part harmony AND, even more importantly, for the comfort of checking in, telling our stories to each other and getting sympathy, support, or belly laughs as the occasion warrants.
There are girlfriends, who have an alarming tendency to move far away, but who are still awesome, even at a distance.
There are my far-away friends, who check in via email and Facebook and say things like we miss you and how are you and can't wait to see you again. I know talk is cheap, especially on the internet, but every sentence is appreciated.
There are my exes: one of whom I live with, one of whom is a close friend and one of whom is still fresh enough that we are negotiating our new relationship, but with laughter and (I hope) kindness.
And there is a new person in my life, who buys me dinner, likes long walks on the beach (WHAT a cliche! But so romantic, nonetheless), kisses my nose, and takes me dancing. And even though we are both clumsy on the dance floor we hold hands and take a chance and move together.
And because of all these people, life is good.

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