Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's been a pretty good week in eastvanland, all told. Although actually I wasn't IN east van much. My brother was away, which meant I got to crash his life for a while. You know: small but tidy apartment right downtown. Dog and cat, who like my company. (I can hear them saying to my bro & sis-in-law "Look you guys, you've gotta ease up on this whole work thing. Your sister was here ALL THE TIME. And we LOVED it!") Oh yeah, did I mention that there's a gym, steam room, sauna and hot tub in their building? I was seriously considering changing the locks before they came home.
Every day I would snap the dog's leash on, slip out the back door and let him drag me to the dog park (sometimes, to mess with his head, I would have a conversation with the dog that consisted of these 3 words: "Walk? Park? Ball? WalkParkBall? BallParkWalk? ParkBall?" and laugh myself silly watching his ears twitch and his head tilt. His vocabulary may be small, but he HAS one, that's for sure). Sometimes when I was feeling decadent I would walk him back through ritzy Yaletown with a coffee in my free, leashless hand, and savour being in a neighbourhood where people have all kinds of money for frivolous things like spas and bikini waxes and Minis, for god's sake.
While I was downtown, Valentine's Day happened. And I won't lie to you, Cupid was good to me this year. Instead of a) spending my first V-Day in donkey's years alone and sad or b) ignoring it like I normally did because my anniversary was right after it, my new "friend" and I decided that we would have a fun, non-mushy time together; no expectations, nothing said that wasn't meant, and NO ROSES. So there was skating, and I cooked dinner, and later we had wine together, all alone in a bar because it was a weeknight and everyone else had to work. Hah. There may or may not have been some kissing too, but I will neither confirm nor deny this.
There was also a Flying Folk Army reunion jam this week. Which is a big deal because it's been how-many years since we played music together? Okay, only 4/7ths of us showed up. But we now have a (gasp) Facebook page, which means that we have fans again! And there is definite talk of a reunion gig before I go away this spring.

What else? Oh, there's a cool gig coming up for me next month at the Waldorf Hotel (Vancouver's current Hipster mecca). I've made some career decisions (now let's see if I can put them into action). I have a bit of work next month, nothing exciting, but it'll keep me off the streets anyway. AND I have a visit scheduled to my favorite northern town, a visit which will include meeting my gal-pal's new baby, hanging out with various friends, and DOGSLEDDING. Which will either kill me or be the coolest thing ever.
Stay tuned.


Accordion Hero said...

a Flying Folk Army reunion jam

You have our attention!

AJ said...

I'll keep ya posted, Accordion Hero!