Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome Back.

Well, not quite back. I'm actually writing this in Nimpo Lake, 3 hours west of Williams Lake. I am decompressing there for 2 nights before tackling Vancouver. My buddy Amelia is cooking at a lodge there and it seemed to make sense to call in on her before heading home. 2 nights to ease into the End Of Summer.
Four months of swimming, canoeing, dancing, playing, workingworkingworking. And now I go home.
I close my eyes and try to imagine the adventure ahead and I have no. idea. what I am heading towards. But I am ready to take the leap.
See you soon.

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Rowan Lipkovits said...

"See you soon."

So, what night of the Accordion Noir fest (Sept 19-26) would you like to take a spot in? 8)