Saturday, June 13, 2009

Girl with squeezebox.This is what serendipity looks like. A few weekends ago, Amelia and I were busking at the ferry terminal on the sunshine coast. Correction: we tried to busk, but B.C. Ferries doesn't allow musicians to make money on their property (boats or land). So we were "practicing". With a violin case "coincidentally" open in front of us.
When the ferry pulled in, we headed back to our car; a lady called to me from her car as we passed. She asked me if I was looking for a new accordion. "My dad just passed away- he played accordion all his life. No one else in the family plays and I want them to go to a good home."
I said I was always on the lookout for new accordions; she took my number and said she'd call when she actually had the instruments in her possession. I didn't think she'd remember.

Yesterday she called out of the blue, said she had one of the boxes with her and would I like to have it? Today she dropped by and gave it to me. I played her a quick tune (it's a fine accordion, a welcome addition to my collection) and she had to run off to pick up her young son.

Lori-Ann, thank you for your gift. Not only for giving a complete stranger an expensive instrument, but for passing on something that your father John loved so much. It will indeed have a good home with me. I promise I'll send you pictures of your dad's squeezebox being played in many places. It may have a hard life with me (my accordions all end up being held together with duct tape), but it will be truly loved.

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