Tuesday, March 10, 2009

(touching wood frantically)
The illnesses of this winter have somehow passed me by. Other than a scary cold/chest thing right around the time "Medea" opened, I've been fit as a fiddle, and feeling very lucky. I guess the no-kids thing has helped, since I'm not exposed daily to the little germ factories. In fact, since "Medea" closed, I've not had any steady full-time work, which means the coffers are low, but I'm not exposed to phlegmy, croaky, snotty people very often, either. I know I've said this before, but after the blahs of last winter, where I lived in a depressed, wheezy, hacking-cough world for months, this bouncing health feels like a gift indeed.
A gift that our almost-daily sunshine adds to, especially as it positively makes me long to get outside and go for a run. And since I recently signed up for the 10-k Sun Run in April, a daily run is much needed.

Tomorrow I fly to Toronto for a whirlwind two-fold visit: my birthplace, and my mom, who's been away from home for many months now. By the time she gets home in early April, she will have been away for the better part of six months, and I think she's ready to stop touring, already. Hopefully the sun will shine in Toronto, and we'll explore the places we used to visit when I was a little girl: St. Lawrence Market, Harbourfront, Ontario Place, Chinatown... I can't wait.

I feel as though I've stepped through a bit of a doorway in the last few days; I don't know if it's related to the sudden upswing in exercise, or just all the sun that's pouring in, but I feel more present, more in the moment and able to embrace and enjoy what is happening now rather than pining for/worrying about what may come all the time. I had a fabulous recording session with one band the other day that got my more fired up about playing music than I had felt in a long time. Two other bands are starting to develop in new and exciting ways.

Tomorrow I'll clench my teeth and brave 5 hours in a plane. Wish me a smooth flight!

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