Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still exploring ways to chase away the blues- I've found a few more tasty recipes for that in the last few days, helped by the fact that the weather remains amazing. We are finally getting the summer we never really got when it was summer!

Monday's solution was to get outside- on kayaks, this time. It would be pretty hard to find a better way to appreciate our coast than this, I think. Gliding softly past seals and even sneaking a September skinny dip off a tiny island in Indian Arm (luckily there are no pictures of this, and if there were, I wouldn't share 'em). For someone like me, who loves the water but isn't thrilled at the idea of being too far from land, paddling in a sheltered, narrow inlet is perfect. How can you not love a view like this? (That's an old power station in the distance, just one of the curious sights you can see from the water here.)
Today was Kid and Friend Therapy, with Galia's twosome providing gummy grins and 3 year-old curiosity galore. I love finding new things in my own backyard, so to speak, and Galia introduced me to the Avalon Dairy, hidden away near her son's preschool. A century old, and you can buy milk and eggs there, as close to the source as you're going to get in the big city.

Tonight is Wonton Wednesday at my mom's: homemade wonton soup and apple crumble for dinner. This could be the start of a new tradition...

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